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Guarantees and returns

Return of purchased items is possible in accordance with the 2012. 15 March. Lithuanian Minister of Economy No. 4-243 Republic of Lithuania Minister of Economy in 2001. 29 June. order no. 217 "The return and change the rules for the approval of the amendment."

Caution, before returning the goods:

  • The returned item must be in its original orderly packaging;
  • The returned item must be fully completed;
  • The returned item must be intact and be of marketable appearance (this does not apply to the case of a defective product returned);
  • When returning the items necessary to provide for the acquisition of the document, warranty card (if granted).

If the buyer does not follow the terms listed above, the producer reserves the right not to accept returned goods.

If the size of goods is not suitable because of customer's fault, the money paid for product is not refundable. Product can be changed for an extra fee.

If the buyer do not like received goods shape, size, colour, pattern or complexity, the product can be returned within 14 days to seller of goods from receipt of the goods.

If the seller does not have a suitable substitutes, the buyer has the right to get a refund. The seller returns the money to the buyer's account, after deduction of transportation costs.

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